Pro-Am Results

Guardian Championship Pro-Am

Thursday, September 14, 2023
  • Net Winners
  • 46Haylee Harfod/Karen Chung
    Michael Stewart, Danny Lee, Becky Lee
  • 50Daniela Lacobelli, Gigi Stoll
    Michael Smith, Pat Downing, Greg Benton
  • 51Kenzie Wright/Hira Naveed
    Nate Merrill, Travis Shinholster, Nelson Whitman
  • Gross Winners
  • 55Jessica Porvasnik/Gabby Lemieux
    Alex Brownell, Robert Brownell, Johnny Brownell
  • 58Becca Huffer/Jenny Bae
    Rod Thomas, Paul Blake, Keith Karst
  • 58Clariss Guce/Jessica Welch
    Julia Henig, Judy Jehle, Trey Henig
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