Pro-Am Results

Guardian Championship Pro-Am

Thursday, September 16, 2021
  • Gross Winners
  • 56Gabby Lemieux/Haylee Harford
    Bill Gillespie
    John Boone
    Bobby Gillespie
  • 57Dewi Weber/Morgane Metraux
    Will Sanford
    Will Steindorff
    Mike Rogers
  • 59Samantha Wagner/Rachel Rohanna
    Marc Green
    Allen Carr
    Adam Rodgers
  • Net Winners
  • 52Binny Lee/Natalie Srinivasan
    Will Claxton
    Ray Bordeaux
    Lee Dempsey
  • 52Julienne Soo/Hexi Yuan
    Cornelius Calhoun
    Clay McInnis
    Calvin Lawrence
  • 54Karen Chung/Regina Plasencia
    Jimmy Gray
    Erik Terry
    Aaron Ismail
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